Remodel & Tenant Improvement

We complete remodel and tenant improvement services for office buildings, retail locations, and manufacturing plants. 


Design Electrical Placement

We can recommend the ideal placement of outlets, lights, and circuit panels in your building.


Building Rewiring

If you are experiencing visible scorch marks, tripped circuit breakers, or dim overhead lighting, your commercial building most likely needs to be rewired. When we install wiring in your building, we always consider IT needs, emergency lighting, and building power requirements.


Electrical System Upgrades

Renovating an older commercial building means you most likely will need to upgrade the electrical system to increase your electrical capacity. Complete Electric will rewire your commercial building according to local codes.


Call for a quote!

If need electrical work for your commercial remodel or renovation project, give us a call at 651-426-1406. Then we will connect you with one of our estimators who will set up a meeting to discuss your project. If needed, they will also schedule a site evaluation and site walk-through.


To get started on a project, fill out our short Request a Consultation form. Within 24-hours, one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives will contact you to discuss the electrical issue and how we can help.